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Welcome to SPI Cinemas

Coming from Chennai, that has a rich legacy of cinema, we are a theatre chain with a passion for experiences and an even bigger passion to share them with our customers. We understand the joy of watching our favourite stories come alive on the big screen, and believe that it is our duty to go the extra mile to make this experience as immersive as we possibly can! Our eight brands, Sathyam, Escape, Palazzo, Aura, Le Reve, The Cinema, S2 and Kripa each offer spaces and experiences that are exclusive.

Our Story

It all started in 1974 when we acquired ‘The Royal Theatre Complex’ from the Raja of Venkatagiri and renamed it Sathyam Cinemas (after 1000+ seater in the complex). After about 25 years, in 1999, talks were on to demolish the then 3 screen multiplex and build an apartment complex. It was at this time that our now CEO Mr. Kiran Reddy, suggested that instead of taking down the cinema, we try something different!

He had a vision - to completely transform the way people watch movies. So we set forth to build a new screen. With comfortable seats and digital technology, ‘Sree’ was an experience like never before and an instant hit with the audience. From then on, one after the other, the renovations began - first the space and technology, then the food and beverage and in parallel the entire customer experience.

In 2005, the 1000+ seater main screen at Sathyam Cinemas went digital for the epic Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, followed by the rest of the screens over the next two years. Our entire F&B experience was given a makeover by French Chef Mickaël Besse, who curated a delectable menu across both our concessions and restaurants. The cinema also got a 15,000 square feet gaming zone, Blur, and an international patisserie, Ecstasy.

This was really the start of the SPI Experience, as you know it today. Sathyam went on to become one of the most loved brands in the city and till today, continues to be close to the hearts of millions of its patrons.

Sathyam was our only cinema until 2008, when we added 8 more screens with the launch of Escape. A first of its kind concept multiplex, it came with a restaurant, floating projectors, library lounge and even a spa!

Since then, it has been an exciting journey filled with learnings as we added more brands like The Cinema, Palazzo, Aura, Le Reve, S2 and Kripa. We now operate 71 screens across Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. With more cinemas in the pipeline, we are all set to take the SPI Experience to new audiences across more cities and towns.


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