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  • Looking for a modern and sleek cinema experience? Kripa cinemas has you covered.Situated in the heart of Trivandrum, Kripa cinemas is an upscale movie theatre that will have you eating your popcorn in style. Going to the movies will now be a completely new and different experience.

  • Over Bridge,Mahathma Gandhi Rd, Thiruvananthapuram - 695036
    044 4224 4224
  • wi-fi

    The space is Wi-Fi enabled so you can always stay connected. Guests at Kripa can use this complimentary service by requesting the staff for the Wi-Fi credentials.

  • Food & Beverages

    Kripa, houses 2 screens and can seat 573 patrons comfortably. Screen 2 houses Dolby’s flagship sound system. As is with all SPI Cinema properties, Kripa promises to offer the best of in food and beverage, including the famous popcorn. Parking is available to all patrons of the cinema along with a free wifi connection.

  • Technology

    Kripa is equipped with the latest in cinema technology including 2.4 gain silver screens, 2K projectors from Christie and Atmos by Dolby - all of which come together to offer you the ultimate cinematic experience.


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