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  • Le Rêve by SPI Cinemas is a cinema of dreams built to seamlessly integrate cutting edge technology with classic yet contemporary design and architecture. A well-crafted space where movie meets dream meets reality.

  • Corner of Hill Road and Water Field Road,
    Bandra West, Mumbai - 400 050
    044 4224 4224
  • WI-FI

    The space is wi-fi enabled so you can always stay connected.

  • Food and Beverage

    Through Le Rêve, SPI Cinemas looks to up the ante of food and beverage associated with cinema theatres by bringing in Michelin Star culinary ace - Mickaël Besse. Indulge in anything between 'typically cinema' and 'high-end patisserie’, all with a touch of Michelin class.

  • Technology

    Only in a dream can elements come together as well as they do at Le Rêve. State-of-the-art 4K projection from Barco, 3D technology from Master Image and a 2.4 gain silver screen meets Dolby’s flagship object-based directional sound program, Dolby Atmos, to put you right with the characters amidst all the action.


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