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  • Progressive, Simple and Accessible to all, S2 sets the standard for modern movie going. S2 is your destination for an incredible movie-going experience, in a setting that is truly inspirational. The interiors are chic with all screens equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with an experience that cannot be replicated.

  • Ice Cream Counter

    A dedicated counter serving up our delicious homemade ice creams in all your favourite flavours - vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, pistachio, chocolate and coffee!

  • WI-FI

    The space is Wi-Fi enabled so you can always stay connected. Guests at S2 may use the complimentary service by requesting staff for the Wi-Fi credentials.

  • Concessions

    Enjoy a wide selection of food and beverage at the snack counters at S2. Take your pick from a variety of popcorn, puffs, desserts, beverages and a whole lot more, freshly prepared to satisfy your movie time hunger pangs.


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