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All screens are equipped with digital projectors with 4K resolution, the latest in digital technology. Hence the projection brings stunning images in enhanced 4K resolution (4096 x 2160), combined with ultimate brightness and vibrant colour accuracy time after time. They are also known for their technical competency in preventing piracy.

RDX stands for the Real Digital Experience. Watching movies in digital format means enhanced clarity, colour, contrast and brightness by incorporating all DCI - screen management system standards. The movie looks and sounds exactly the way the filmmaker intended it every time it is projected.

All the cinemas are equipped with 3D. 3D movies in RDX use cutting edge 3D technology, adding a new dimension in 3D movie viewing while providing an immersive experience that engages the audience in to the situation of the movie with realistic colour and sharp images. The system interfaces with the Digital Cinema Servers and are capable of playing 3D content that comply with the Hollywood Studio approved DCI specifications.

High Frame Rate 3D (HFR 3D) Frame rates are the number of images (frames) displayed by a projector in one second. 24 frames per second (fps) is the current standard in cinemas worldwide. HFR 3D productions of 48 fps record and play visuals at twice the current rate, which is closer to what the human eye actually sees.


The screens are equipped with 4-way speakers to give high precision in all frequency ranges. These high quality equipment are tuned with standards of SMPTE to give maximum voice clarity and are guaranteed to give an audio experience that is unparalleled.

A new audio platform that revolutionizes the experience of sound in entertainment. It allows sound designers and mixers a new level of creative control and ensures that audiences will experience the full impact of the sound mix, regardless of theatre configuration. This technology gives filmmakers greater control over the definition and placement of sounds and is designed to help them unleash the full depth and power of their creative visions.


SLS high-output premium speaker systems from Dolby are known for clear, accurate, and consistent delivery. They come with in built high-frequency ribbon drivers presenting extended frequency range and exceptional transient response that is musical, transparent, and natural, for a measurable increase in overall intelligibility. Audiences will enjoy the incredible clarity, superior dynamic range, and ultra clear high frequency from any seat in the house. Get inside the story with breakthrough sound of Dolby Atmos with SLS Audio.


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