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    Energize your muscles! Bliss by Oryza, is just what you need to rejuvenate your body and mind. Get a massage from professional therapists or sink into the Inada SOGNO Massage Chair. Its gentle, undulating figure-eight motion that mimics a shiatsu massage session letting you know that the experience is truly better than anything else ever conceived.

  • BOX

    Dine in style! Complete your experience at Escape as you dine in style at the in cinema lounge. Ideal for an outing with friends or family, the lounge offers you privacy while you bite into an assortment of fine finger foods and beverages. No more queues! Get in touch with the Concierge to book this space.


    Just a click away! At Escape, you're always connected. Step into the browsing centre and check an important email, surf the internet or catch up on your social networking while you wait for your movie.


    Movie munchies! Gorge on a delectable selection of food and beverages at the F&B counters at Escape. Take your pick from finger foods, burgers, pizzas and quick snacks at Grill, chaat at Mix, fresh sandwiches at Loaf, milkshakes and ice creams at Chill and a lot more freshly prepared gourmet eatables to satisfy your movie time hunger pangs.

  • DINE

    Feast for your senses! A premium and exclusive space, the fine dining café at Escape offers our guests an elaborate menu. Chat over a coffee or indulge in a delicious gourmet meal. The menu includes fresh soups, salads, starters, main course, desserts and beverages. Enjoy a great sit-down meal at the cinema with family and friends before or after a film.

  • FLIP

    Turn the page! The library lounge is an ideal spot for you to unwind and enjoy a quiet moment. A cozy section at Escape, here you can sip on international brews of tea and coffee and bite into an assortment of delicious pastries and sandwiches, as you read up on a diverse range of subjects. Choose from our carefully selected coffee table books and lose yourself to paper and ink.


    Freshen-up in style! The Escape au courant washrooms are sure to charm you. Marco Corona Italian tiles, automatic wash closets, tissue less hand driers and more designed for your comfort.

  • LIVE

    Let's get loud! The exclusive events space, Live is the ideal location for product displays and demonstrations. Designed in tune with the needs of every brand, you will find the latest video and sound system coupled with trendy showcase mediums to make the space an advertisers delight.

  • PLAY

    Chase the thrill! Get your adrenaline rush at the gaming room at Escape. Play a little football on the Playstation and XBOX 360 or challenge the warrior within as you play Prince of Persia on our high-tech PCs.

  • SURF

    Stay linked! You'll never lose touch with what's going on around when you are at Escape. The Wi-Fi enabled space ensures that you are always in sync. Check emails on your mobile or laptop, browse the web and do a whole lot more with a simple click.


    Any time tickets! Bid adieu to those long queues! Tickets to the movie of your choice are now at your fingertips. The touch screen kiosks at Escape give you movie schedules and the easy option to book and print your tickets in an instant using your credit card or your Fuel card.

  • WISH

    Got a question? Ask the Concierge! Everything you want to know about us is available from our Concierge. Meet with our friendly and helpful personnel, express your wish and get a first hand account of anything ranging from movie schedules, facilities and value added services.


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