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How can I book tickets at SPI Cinemas?

Tickets can be booked online with just a few easy clicks at or by downloading the SPI Cinemas app. They can also be purchased at any of our theatres, or by calling 044-4224 4224 for home delivery of tickets (only available in Chennai and Coimbatore).

Can I book my tickets without logging into my account?

You need to login to book tickets. You can sign up at to book movie tickets online.

Where do I pick up my movie tickets?

You do not require a ticket to enter the screen! All you need to do is show the SMS or email confirmation of your ticket booking to the attendant at the screen entry of your chosen film. In the rare event that you do not receive your SMS or email confirmation, you can obtain your booking number from the order history and collect your tickets by referencing this number at the ticket counter at the respective site.

What is my booking confirmation number?

It is a reference number that is displayed on your screen after the successful completion of your online booking.

Where can I get my booking confirmation number?

Once your booking is successful, the booking confirmation number will be displayed on your screen. An email will also be sent to your registered email address for reference. Alternatively, you can login to your account and click on Order History.

What do I do if I do not get a booking confirmation number or am unsure if my booking is done after the payment process is complete?

Simply re-login and check your order history to confirm whether the tickets have been booked. If your booking doesn't reflect here, your tickets have not been booked and the payment has not been processed, in which case you need to redo the booking.

Can I buy movie tickets for future dates?

Absolutely! We feature advance ticket sales on this website. The number of days in advance that you can buy tickets for a film varies by date. Generally, a theatre's release schedule for a movie runs from Friday to Thursday. Bookings generally open Tuesday at midnight.

Is it OK to buy tickets from any person on the premises?

Tickets may be purchased only at the ticket counter, call centre or this website. Purchasing tickets from any unauthorised person is illegal and punishable.

Can I cancel my tickets online?

Tickets once purchased cannot be cancelled or exchanged for an alternative show. You could request our staff an hour before the movie to assist you in reselling the tickets.

Can I sell the tickets to someone else?

Unauthorised selling of tickets on the theatre premises is illegal and punishable. If you are seen selling tickets on the premises, it could be perceived as illegal, even if your intentions were innocent.

I missed my show. Can I use the same ticket for another show?

A ticket purchased for a particular show is valid only for that show. It is advisable to purchase another ticket for another show of your choice.

What do I do if I lose my tickets ?

Please keep your tickets carefully. We will not be able to help you in the case of lost tickets, as we do not maintain records of individual customers to whom tickets are sold.

Do children require tickets?

Children aged 3 years and above require a ticket to enter.

Can I book tickets online using Movie Vouchers?

Vouchers can be used to purchase tickets and snacks at the counters only. We regret any inconvenience caused.

I have been charged more than once for my online booking. How do I get a refund?

If you think you have been double charged, please first, check your Order History to confirm the same. If the double booking is not reflected, the extra charge will automatically be credited back into your account within 7-10 working days.

For any further assistance, please email with the cinema location, movie title, session time and the registered email ID on the account, along with your contact number. You can also call 044-4224 4224 to speak with a customer care representative.

Is there a booking fee to book tickets online?

Yes. A small amount based on location will be levied per ticket when you book online. The exact amount can be verified in your transaction summary.

Is there an extra fee for 3D films?

Yes. A small amount based on location will be charged per ticket for the 3D experience. This can be located in your transaction summary.

How do I make a bulk booking request?

For tickets of 20 or more, please email .


What’s New?

Order your food from the app and pick it up from the new ‘Pick and Go’ counters at our theatres, without the hassle of standing in line.

Can I order my food online?

Yes. During your booking process, you will be provided with an option of ordering food online. Simply select your choice of food and beverage and pick it up from our exclusive 'Pick and Go' counter based on your chosen time.

Is there an additional charge for ordering food online?

No. This service is free of charge. Order your food and pick it up from our exclusive 'Pick and Go' counter based on your chosen time.

Is it possible to add food to an existing order?

Yes. If you wish to add new food items to an existing order, please go to our website and click on your order history and add the required food items. However, if you are using our mobile app, select the option 'Food' in your profile and add the food of your choice to the existing order.

Can I order food without choosing a movie?

Yes, you can avail this facility via the mobile app by selecting the option 'Food' in your profile and through Kiosks at selected locations.

What is Pick and Go counter and where can I find it?

It is an exclusive counter which allows you to pick up your food at your convenience. You could find the 'Pick and Go' counter at our concessions.

No More Tickets!

If you have ordered any food and beverage for this show, kindly collect your order at the chosen time from the ‘Pick and Go’ counter at the concessions. You can check the details of your food order in your order history in the app.

Can I cancel my order?

Sorry. This facility is presently unavailable.

Can I bring my own food to the theatre?

As per company policy, we do not permit outside food for security reasons.


Can I smoke in the theatre?

Smoking, consumption of alcohol, chewing paan and spitting are strictly prohibited within the theatre premises as per government order.

Can I take photographs and video in the theatre?

For security purposes we do not permit any form of photography or videography within the screens. However, you are welcome to take pictures in our lobbies and other outdoor areas. Any violation will be subject to legal action.

How can I get a job with SPI Cinemas?

Please check our career section or send in your resume to

Do you host events such as birthday parties or other events for large groups?

Yes. Please write to our customer service representative at with your requirements and someone from our team will contact you.


What are censor ratings?

Ratings provided by the Central Board of Film Certification which rate suitability of each film are called censor ratings.

U: Unrestricted Public Exhibition throughout India

A: Public exhibition restricted to Adults above 18 years only

U/A: Unrestricted public exhibition with parental guidance for children below the age of 12

V/U: Sanctioned for video exhibition and given a rating of Unrestricted Public Exhibition

S: Exhibition to restricted audience such as doctors

Are children below 4 years of age permitted into the cinema halls?

We do not recommend bringing children below the age of 4 to the cinema hall. Their admission is subject to the censor rating of the film. Children below the age of 18 will not be permitted into the hall for A rated movies under any circumstances.*

*If you have children with you when you arrive at the hall at our Sathyam Cinemas location, you can leave them at 'Magic Hat', our child care facility, for the duration of the movie. We have professionally trained personnel who will take care of the children while you enjoy the movie. Contact Customer Care for more information on Magic Hat. This Facility is available at Sathyam Cinemas only and not all locations.


How do I contact Customer Service at SPI Cinemas?

Our Call Center can be reached 24x7 at 4224 4224. Alternatively, if your query is not urgent, you can email

What do I do if I have any feedback or complaint on site?

For instant action/feedback or questions while at the theatre, please send a WhatsApp message to the respective helpline numbers.

Chennai: Sathyam - 9710 42 42 42, Escape - 893 947 3000, Palazzo - 893 948 4000, S2 Perambur - 893 927 6000, S2 Theyagaraja - 893 941 7000

Nellore: S2 Nellore - 72 880 22 555, Archana - 72 880 22 777, Leela Mahal - 72 880 22 666, The Cinema MG Brothers - 9640 491 491


Coimbatore: The Cinema Brookefields - 893 925 9000


Mumbai: Le Rêve - 750 630 69 69


Bengaluru: The Cinema GT World - 98453 46000, Aura - 93848 27818


Warangal: S2 Warangal - 79955 76677


Trivandrum: Kripa - 73 563 33 900


Puducherry: The Cinema Providence - 75581 11222


Guntur: The Cinema KSP Prime - 79979 98123


Mallapur: S2 Mallapur - 80088 48833


Bhiwandi: S2 Haseen - 93848 33645


Is there wheelchair facility available at the cinemas?

Wheelchair facility is available on request. You may contact our security personnel for the same. We will also provide any other assistance you may require in terms of accessibility for seniors or physically challenged customers.

What do I do about lost property?

In case of lost belongings, please contact one of our staff members for help. They will find out if anything has been turned in. Management will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

I can't find an FAQ to answer my question, what can I do?

Please contact one of our staff members in person or write to us at or call 044-4224 4224 to speak with a customer care representative.


What is Pre-Booking?

This new feature allows you to Pre-Book your tickets and get in queue to reserve your seats much before regular online bookings open.

How do I Pre-Book tickets?

You can Pre-Book tickets for movies listed under coming soon with the Pre-Booking option. You can select your preferences of cinema, showtimes, day and experiences. Allocation of your tickets will happen based on the preferences you give us!

Does Pre-Booking guarantee my tickets?

There is no guarantee offered as Pre-Booking works on a system of allocation on a first-come first served basis.

Can I pick my seats when I Pre-Book?

Seating of Pre-Booked tickets will be as allotted by SPI Cinemas at the time of exchange of the Pre-Booked tickets.

What happens if my Pre-Booking is not allotted?

The money received by SPI Cinemas in exchange of the Pre-Booked tickets shall be held by SPI Cinemas with no interest and shall be refunded to your Fuel Wallet only.

What happens if my choice of movie is postponed?

For movie releases that are postponed, your Pre-Book requirements will be carried over.

Am I eligible for a refund if I cancel my Pre-Booked ticket?

Cancellation is possible only prior to the allotment of tickets. Refund will be credited to your Fuel Wallet regardless of payment method used.

How do I check my Pre-Booking details once I receive a confirmation?

You can find this in your order history with the status of your request.

My money has been debited but I haven’t received a confirmation. What do I do now?

Be sure to check your order history. If the transaction is seen in the order history, your Pre-Booking request has been received. You will get a confirmation shortly thereafter informing you if you have been allotted your seats or not. In the event that your transaction is not seen in the Pre Booking order history, send us an email with your problem to or call 044 4224 4224 to speak with a customer care agent.

Is there a Pre-Booking charge?

Yes. A small Pre-Book charge based on location will be charged along with other applicable charges such as 3D wherever appropriate. This can be verified in your transaction summary.


What is the Fuel wallet?

Fuel has moved to a digital space. Every customer now has their own Fuel wallet. You can top up this wallet with any amount you desire and transact at the touch of a button using the SPI cinemas mobile application available on iOS and Android and your registered Fuel mobile number.

What are the benefits of the Fuel wallet?

In our continuing efforts to enhance movie-going experiences, the Fuel wallet makes your experience more convenient and secure than ever before. No hassles of cash, cards, pin and payment gateways. Everything can be done from the convenience of your smartphone through the SPI Cinemas Mobile Application available on iOS & Android as well as What's more? Your wallet can be used for bookings over the phone through 044-4224 4224 - our in-house call centre or over the counter at any of our theatres.

How do I recharge my Fuel wallet?

Recharging your Fuel wallet is very simple.

SPI Cinemas App:
1. On the top right corner of the screen, you will find the menu button. Tap the menu button.
2. Once the menu opens, you will find the ‘Fuel wallet’ option.
3. Tap the “Fuel wallet’ option and follow the on-screen instructions.
1. Log into your SPI Cinemas profile.
2. Click on Your profile on the top right corner of the screen.
3. Select the ‘Fuel wallet’ option.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I transact with my Fuel wallet?

The uniqueness of the ‘Fuel Wallet’ is the ability to use it to purchase anything at any of our outlets. Parking is not applicable.

Here are some tips to effectively utilise your Fuel Wallet:

On SPI Cinemas Mobile App &
1. Proceed with your transaction until the food selection page.
2. At the bottom of the food selection page, you will find 2 options - Instant pay with Fuel & Payment Options.
3. Tap the ‘Instant Pay with Fuel wallet’ option. That's it, you're done!
Tip: We enable this button only if you have sufficient balance in your wallet.

At the Call Centre - 4224 4224:
1. If you dial in to 4224 4224 from your registered mobile number, your wallet will be pre-authenticated and charged.
2. If you dial in from another number, provide the agent your registered phone number and we will text or call you with the OTP. Provide the OTP to our staff and your done!

Over the Counter with a smart phone:
1. Walk up to the counter
2. Provide the Customer Executive with the OTP found in your Fuel dashboard. This is located under the “Fuel wallet” menu on the mobile application as well as your mobile friendly website (
3. Provide the last three digits of your registered mobile number and our staff will complete the transaction.

Over the counter without a smart-phone or data:
1. If you do not have a smartphone, provide the Customer executive with your registered mobile number, email ID or wallet ID
2. You will receive the OTP by sms or through a call.
3. Give the Customer Executive the OTP and our staff will complete your transaction.

1. 1. You can use the Fuel Wallet to book tickets and snacks at the kiosks located at Escape, Palazzo, S2 Perambur, The Cinema Brookefields, The Cinema Providence, The Cinema KSP Prime, Le Rêve, S2 Warangal and S2 Mallapur.

Tip: Bring your registered mobile for a seamless booking experience.

How do refunds work on my Fuel wallet?

Refunds are applicable for show cancellations and non allotment of tickets for Pre Booking.

For show cancellations, if you have purchased your tickets online or through the apps and paid via Credit Card/Netbanking/Fuel wallet your money will be refunded instantly back in your Fuel wallet for your convenience.s

How secure is my Fuel wallet?

All transactions made through the Fuel wallet are encrypted and secure as per RBI regulations and standards.

Further we have industry standard encryption to secure your login credentials. We have an additional factor of authentication through your mobile phone to ensure that your money is always safe with you.

Can I use other modes of payment if I do not have access to my wallet?

You will still be able to use all other payment modes at SPI Cinemas. We recommend the Fuel wallet for seamless and secure transactions.

Can I make a partial payment through my Fuel wallet?

We will intimate you when we enable this feature for the SPI Cinemas mobile app, & our Call centre.

Can I withdraw the balance from my Fuel wallet if I don’t want to use it on the wallet?

In line with RBI directives money once recharged into the Fuel wallet cannot be withdrawn.

Can I pay for other services such as Flip, Bliss & Parking with my Fuel wallet?

Yes, you can pay at Flip and Bliss using the Fuel wallet.

Parking at Sathyam and at the malls where our cinemas are located do not accept Fuel Wallet, only cash payments.

I’m not interested in using the wallet and would like my money back. What do I do?

If you do not wish to migrate your balance to the Fuel Wallet we will gladly issue a refund of the amount you have in your Fuel account.

Is it possible to have two wallets with the same mobile number even if my IDs are different?

Each customer’s Fuel Wallet is linked to their SPI Cinemas account. An SPI Cinemas account can have only one Mobile number registered with it.

Registering your mobile number on another SPI Cinemas account will deactivate the previous account leaving the associated wallet unusable.

Is there a minimum or maximum balance requirement for the Fuel wallet?

There is no minimum balance requirement for the Fuel Wallet. The maximum balance is capped at INR 5,000.

I have not received my OTP. What do I do?

You do not require an OTP for & the SPI Cinemas mobile app.

If you face this problem at the ticket & food counters or at the Call Centre, we will call you on the registered mobile number and to give you your OTP.

Tip: Please keep your registered mobile handy as you will not be able to complete your transaction without it.

Money has been debited but I haven’t received my tickets. What do I do?

Check your order history located in your profile section of the app or website. If the booking can be seen in your order history, your booking is confirmed.

If the booking doesn’t reflect, the amount will be refunded to your wallet in 24 working hours.

I’ve lost my mobile phone. What do I do?

As per our terms (and terms of most online wallets like PayTM) the security and safety of the mobile device is the responsibility of the customer.

To prevent use of your wallet:
1. Call our call centre at 4224 4224
2. Identify yourself with your online account by providing any of the two details listed below to the agent. (Name/Mobile/Date of Birth/Last Purchase.
3. Ask for your online id to be blocked
4. Please call your mobile operator and block your SIM and ask for a new one to be issued.
5. Once you have your new SIM, please call 4224 4224 to enable your online account after identifying yourself.

If you are not able to get through to the call centre:
Please login to
1. Click on ‘My Profile’
2. Choose the "Logout from all Devices" button: This will log you out of all devices on which the SPI Cinemas account is logged in to
3. We recommend you change your SPI Cinemas account password now
4. Please call the call centre at 4224 4224 to block your account if need be.

What happens to my one time registration charge of INR 50 during the initial purchase of my fuel card?

We will gladly credit the Rs 50 back into your wallet. All you have to do is register a complaint at 4224 4224 or at any of our cinemas. Provide your online SPI Cinemas account and old Fuel card number. The Fuel card should first be migrated into the SPI cinemas account for this request to be honoured.

I have a Fuel card, but dont want to have a mobile phone to operate Fuel!

Please give us a written record with ID proof of your Mobile Bill/Drivers License. We will gladly refund the amount to you.

I've lost my active Fuel card. What do i do?

Visit our counter, fill the form for Fuel card loss along with your identity proof.
1. Provide us with with the email & mobile number of your SPI Cinemas account to which you want us to migrate the balance of the Fuel card (If you don’t have one please sign up online and give us the email id and registered mobile number of the SPI Cinemas account).
2. Once we validate the details, we will migrate your Fuel card balance into your Fuel wallet in 3 working days.

Can I pay at the restaurants using my Fuel wallet?

Yes. You can use your wallet at all of our cinemas and restaurants.

I had a Fuel card before the wallet. Do I still get a 15% discount at the restaurants?

Yes. All customers who pay through their wallet will receive a 15% discount at the restaurants.

Where can i get more information on the Fuel wallet?

You can get all the information about your Fuel wallet at or speak to one of our agents by calling 4224 4224.


What is DND?

People strolling into the theatre well after the movie has begun, noisy neighbours and inconsolable babies are just a few of the many frustrations of a cinema goer. DND is a unique show concept by SPI Cinemas, exclusively designed for movie goers who enjoy watching their movies free from any disturbances or interruptions.


How do I book tickets for DND and where?

You can book tickets on our website, app or at the ticket counter.


Are there any T&Cs or criteria for DND show?

Yes, there are strict Terms & Conditions applicable for DND Shows. Any violation will entitle SPI, at its sole discretion, to escort customers out of the movie hall, without reimbursement.


Can I talk during the film?

Not while the movie is on. You must refrain from having a conversation in the theatre, as it causes disturbance to your fellow viewers. Furthermore, cheering, whistling or applauding will not be permitted. Violation of these rules will result in you being escorted out of the movie hall.


Do I need to carry my ID card for age proof?

Yes, you will need to carry an ID card for age proof as patrons below the age of [18] years, including infants, will be denied entry to A Rated shows.


Are infants allowed in DND Shows?


Children love living life to the fullest and while we love this about them, their enthusiasm doesn’t make for conducive movie viewing. Therefore, children below 15 years of age are not allowed in DND shows.


How will I know the end time of intermission? What if the movie starts before I return from the interval? Will I be allowed?


You will receive a notification via SMS on your registered mobile number of the person who booked the ticket, when the show is about resume. Please ensure you are back in your seats in time.


Can I leave in the middle of the movie?

Yes, you are permitted to leave the screen but will not be allowed to re-enter the screen until the interval begins.


If I come late due to unavoidable reasons like parking delay or traffic, will I be allowed inside the screen?


The show is a closed door show; in the event that you are not present before the movie starts, you will be denied entry.

Can I get a refund if I am late or miss my show?

Unfortunately since this is a closed door show, if you are late or miss your show, there will be no refund.


Can I attend a phone call inside the screen?

Making use of your phone or any electronic device inside the screen is strictly prohibited.


May I go out and get snacks during the screening?

You must order your snacks either before the film or during the interval, to avoid walking in and out of the theatre during the film and disturbing your fellow viewers.


What is SENS?

SENS is specially designed shows for special minds. It showcases sensory-friendly screenings of movies for individuals on the Autism Spectrum and those with sensory processing difficulties. These special shows have subtle changes to the cinema environment. Changes include: • The lights being kept on at a low level • Lower than usual sound levels • Allowance for increased levels of movement and noise


How and where can I book tickets for SENS?

Tickets can be booked online at or by downloading the SPI Cinemas app. They can also be purchased at any of our theatres, or by calling 044-4224 4224 for home delivery of tickets (only available in Chennai and Coimbatore).


Are there any T&Cs or criteria for SENS?

Yes, there are Terms & Conditions applicable for these shows.


When are these screenings held?

These monthly morning shows will take place on the (first Sunday of every month) at participating theatres.


Can I talk during the show?

Talking, singing or moving around during the course of the show (with adult supervision) will not be restricted.


Is there a special food menu for SENS?


Yes, keeping dietary restrictions in mind, the concessions menu will offer specially curated sugar-free, gluten-free and casein-free foods.


Am I allowed to bring outside food?


Yes, outside food is permitted at SENS shows only.


What format will the movies be screened in?

Movies screened at SENS will be in 2D only.


We notice that you already have an order in progress for this session.


Sorry, there are no seats available for this show right now. Please try again after a few minutes.

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